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Push Notifications from BMC Footprints 11.x using Slack

As a BMC Footprints administrator, I would occasionally hear our staff asking for push notifications to their smartphones. With a dozen desktop technicians out in the field, it’s common for one to help a customer and go back to their office, only to find their neighbor was having problems as well. BMC/Numara don’t supply a […]

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Dirks Honeymoon Alarm

After our good friends Keyne and Steph got married, we wanted a way for their friends and family to (unobtrusively) pass on well wishes during their honeymoon. I created the Dirks Honeymoon Alarm system, where people could record a message and select a wakeup call song, which would be curated and scheduled as a 10am […]

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JoCo Radio

For a potential project, I spent some time learning how to develop applications for the Roku media boxes. I wanted to learn the BrightScript language and test my skills, so I developed a Roku music player for songs by Jonathan Coulton. The app streams songs from an Amazon S3 storage, using PHP/MySQL to track song […]

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Heat Map of Transit in San Diego

As my girlfriend and I start looking at new apartments around San Diego, the concern of public transportation quickly crops up. While public transportation here is better than other cities I’ve lived in, there are still dead spots and underserved areas. Certain areas (such as Mira Mesa) have surprised me with the speed you can […]

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