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"Gangam Style" Video Parody Gets 14 Lifeguards Fired

This blog post originally appeared on dmfall2012.blogspot.com Writing as an assignment for a marketing course.

It’s likely that readers have heard of the song “Gangnam Style”, a Korean song from rapper Diego PSY whose unusual music video (full of Brew awkward dancing and social satire) has earned over 133 million YouTube views since its release in mid-July.  The video has propelled PSY into American pop culture, giving him an cheap nba jerseys iTunes top 100 song, an MTV Video Music Awards appearance, and countless parodies. 

One such parody, created by some El Monte ????????????????????????????????????? pool lifeguards while off duty, gained national attention after their 13 creators and their manager were fired wholesale nfl jerseys after their video was published online.

Officials have stated the cheap mlb jerseys 14 employees were fired for “using  city property [pool and Conscious uniforms] for his/her own private use or benefit. Such unauthorized use shall be cause for disciplinary action.” Some of the lifeguards were unofficially told, “that our music video was both ‘disgusting’ and an ’embarrassment to the city of El Monte.’”

Backlash at the decision has been strong, with lifeguards appearing on LA cheap nba jerseys television and national news sites to share their story.  The StrategiesBring Back The 14 El Monte Lifeguards” Facebook page now has 7,700 likes (over 10 times the amount of the city-run “City of El Monte” page) and a petition on Change.org has gained almost Queen 5,000 signatures.

So given our discussion today of privacy and social media, what do you think?  Was the punishment fitting? Will El Monte regret the backlash? What if military members were fired for making On A Boat parodies (NSFW), or USD had performed similar discipline when students filmed wholesale jerseys a Harry Potter Flashmob?

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