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Project Resources

There are some amazing resources out there for people looking to create, whether you’re looking for advice/guidelines on how to plan and run a project, tools for implementing a crazy idea, or inspiration to help you with your next big idea. Here are some favorites…

Resources: Running a Project

  • Project Management Institute is the brains behind the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and numerous certifications for project management. While their content might feel a bit overkill for small projects, many projects fail just because the questions they bring up aren’t answered.

Resources: Inspiration

These blogs and books are great starters to help you envision your idea and give you a little kick to get it going

  • Holiday Matinee Their motto is “Love your work. Work your love.”, and it’s easy to tell their writers live by it. They provide a daily dose of creative inspiration, and are also authors of…
  • I Swear to Good You’re God at This a book from Holiday Matinee, full of small businesses and art initiatives. Learn about magazines made of shirts, TheHive, and more.
  • Hack A Day While at times highly technical, Hack A Day focuses on people taking electronics and doing (odd/amazing/bizarre) things with them. Learn about industrial robots that write tweets on whiteboards, people who build their own lasers, and more.

Resources: Sharing Your Content

  • Creative Commons Easily license your creations. Do you want derivatives? Can it be commercialized? Learn about licensing and what your rights are

Got your own resources? List them below!